Mowing, Trimming and Lawn Installation

Bryant Landscapes caters to residential and commercial properties of all sizes. Mowing and trimming services include pruning, field cutting, weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing, weedwhacking, hedge trimming, sod installation and seeding.

Garden Bed Maintenance

Garden bed maintenance includes rototilling, fertilizing, mulching and garden bed installation.


Stonework projects include stone walls, walkways, rock gardens, ponds and patios. 

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

Fall clean-up includes raking, blowing and leaf removal. Spring clean-up includes dethatching and lawn blowing.

Winter Maintenance

Services include snow plowing, sanding/salting, snow-blowing and snow removal.

Other Services

Along with scheduled maintenance services, Bryant Landscapes offers specialty services such as tree removal, drainage projects and light excavation.

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